Team Bucciarati with WhereColour Contacts

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Still have no idea choosing which colored contacts for your Jojo character costume, WhereColour is here to help you. And this time, we recommend Jojo contacts for Team Bucciarati.

Team Bucciarati, also called Squadra Guardie del corpo, is a squad in Passione and put under the lead of Bruno Bucciarati, whose members are all Stand users. They are the primary allies to protagonist Giorno Giovanna in Vento Aureo.

Team Bucciarati is a 6-man team of gangsters belonging to the Passione gang. Like much of Passione, they are all men and Stand Users. Team Bucciarati is unique in that Bucciarati has built his team out of society's dregs, meeting each of his members at the lowest point in their lives and taking an active role in uplifting them. As such, they are a close-knit group united as much by camaraderie as by their deference to Bucciarati's leadership.

For Jojo fans who want to have your own perfect look, we recommend these contacts for you.


For righteous and determined leader Bruno Bucciarati costume, Azure Sunshine Blue Contacts are your pick:

Mission Impossible: Azure Sunshine Blue Contacts


Mystery Egypt Yellow Contacts is your choice for Leone Abbacchio costume to solve the mystery:

Moody Blues: Mystery Egypt Yellow Contacts


Or as Narancia Ghirga with Sweet Blueberry Cheese Contacts to fight for your friends:

Aero Smith: Sweet Blueberry Cheese Contacts


We all know that the color scheme of Jojo is free, and may these excellent cosplayers with WhereColour contacts inspire you. So don't hesitate, pause and ponder, but be bold to pick your WhereColour contacts, and wear them on to meet your Jojo character costume, you will surely be more than stunning and jaw-dropping!