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Many people express their love with their brilliant cosplays to the characters or works. If you want to impress the others with your jaw-dropping Marvel costume in the comic con, and still have no idea which colored contacts to choose as the finish, here are some little advices from WhereColour for your Marvel female character costume.

Since 1939, Marvel has gained all-over-the-world popularity with superheroes that are deeply loved by the audience, the upbeat plot, overwhelming delicate quality of the production. In this blog, three brilliant cosplayers with their choice for colored contacts to meet their Marvel female superhero costumes will be introduced.

@tempest.cos as Black Widow with Charming Polar Lights Green Contacts

Black Widow should be the most popular female character in the Marvel movie series, who is the only female in the first Avengers. She doesn't have a armor body or special abilities, but she is agile and strong, with a painful past and a strong heart.

Black Widow: Charming Polar Lights Green Contacts


@ivycosplay as Scarlet Witch with Polar Lights Crystal Grey Contacts

There are many versions of Scarlet Witch’s origin story, but she is always fragile and want to have a normal family. She was born a potential witch, able to cast spells occasionally and unconsciously, and ultimately masters the chaos magic.

Scarlet Witch: Polar Lights Crystal Grey Contacts


@morganitecosplay as Captain Marvel with Sweet Burberry Cheese Blue Contacts

Captain Marvel is currently the strongest superhero in Marvel movies, and was even called "the hope of the all" by fans. She can control the energy at will, both emitting and absorbing. She can also fly faster than the speed of light while has super sensitivity and a large range, which can reach the level of the universe.

Captain Marvel: Sweet Burberry Cheese Blue Contacts


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