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Scary White Zombie Plano ContactsScary White Zombie Plano Contacts
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Scary White Zombie Plano Contacts

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Mystery Purple Contacts

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Scary Demon Red Eyes Contacts

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Mystery Red Contacts

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little Devil Blue Contacts

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Mystery Egypt Yellow Contacts

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Colored contacts, also known as cosmetic lenses, belong to the third category of medical devices. Compared with regular lenses, colored contacts have an extra layer of pigment that can change the natural color of our eyes.

Usually, colored contacts are harmless to the eyes as long as they are worn correctly. However,Wherecolour suggests buying colored contacts from professional lenses supplies, and it is best to avoid wearing them when cooking.

Choose the three-layer colored contact lenses. Wherecolour's Sandwich Tech prevents pigment from adhering to the cornea, which guarantees safety and comfort.

Yes, it's precisely safe to wear FDA-approved prescription-colored contacts which your optometrist fits. Please remember to follow the basic rule of storing and wearing.

First of all, you need to determine the color of your colored contacts. Then you'll need a prescription from your optometrist. Before you buy colored contacts, ask eye doctors for measurement, please. They will give you instructions on how to insert and take care of your colored lenses.

Since lighter lenses could show more effects, we suggest choosing colored contacts which are more opaque for dark eyes. If you have light original eye color, you could try more styles, such as purple, green, and pink.

Eyes express our emotions, so why not let the colored lenses to shout out our mood? Different colors show our styles and personalities. Wherecolour's contacts also enhance the brightness of your eyes, making the eyes look more shining and charming.

Wherecolour absolutely delivers our colored lenses to every corner worldwide, and we offer a wide variety of natural and cosplay pattern colored contacts. Buying them from Wherecolour is the wisest decision for you. However, remember to get your prescription before you purchase.

Be sure to wash and dry your hands before inserting or removing the colored lenses. And always clean your colored contacts with the lens solution instead of tap water. Please do not use the contacts that seem damaged.

Wash your hands first for sure, and put colored contact lenses on your fingertip. Secondly, pull up your eyelid with one finger and look upwards, then place your contact in the correct place. Please close your eyes and make it settled.

Unfortunately, we don’t suggest wearing colored contact lenses for a very long time, even though they are designed to be worn for months. Make sure you remove and clean the colored lenses every time before you wear them. Most importantly, follow the instructions of your optometrist.

Absolutely yes. Wherecolour strongly recommends ordering prescription colored contacts which are exactly the same as prescription that was fitted by your optometrist.

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