There Useful Tips from WhereColour for Choosing Contacts

First, why contacts

  Contacts lenses, or simply contacts, are lenses placed directly on the surface of eyeballs. People prefer contacts for many reasons. Some people choose contacts for its not collecting moisture and not pressuring on the bridge of the nose, contacts are convenient, and more suitable for sports.

  But there are more people choosing contacts for aesthetics and cosmetics reasons. Cosmetic contact lenses are based on ordinary contact lenses, with an extra layer of pigment, it will make the eyes look bigger and deeper.

  The colors and patterns of the cosmetic contact lenses are diverse, and the current craftsmanship and materials can also combine aesthetics and functionality of the contacts perfectly. If you wear your favorite contacts with appropriate makeup, you will surely be the queen of party.


Tips from WhereColour

  But before you add your favored contacts into cart, there are 3 useful tips from WhereColour you should look.

Base Curve

  Base curve is the radius of the sphere of the back of the lens that the prescription describes, as well as the easiest ignored parameter when people choose contacts. If you don’t know your eyeballs’ base curve, you may have an uncomfortable contact-wearing experience. So the best option is to have an eye examination to know your base curve, and select your own WhereColour contacts!

Water content

  This will decide whether your eyes feel dry or not when you wearing your contacts. It doesn’t mean that contacts with higher water content is better, but they will dry up faster. The water content of WhereColour contacts is 38% which is considered to be the most comfortable water content, making your eyes moist and never dry them up. Also, as advanced soft lenses WhereColour allow a significant amount of oxygen to pass through, which helps to maintain a high level of moisture of the eye.  


  This is the factor most people care most. The diameter of contacts is usually divided into two kinds: lens diameter and graphic diameter, and longer the later one is, your eye will look deeper and charmer. However, too much is as bad as too little. The diameter natural color contact lenses are between13.8mm-14.0mm, which will not have too exaggerated effect, but the eyes will appear brighter and more natural. If you want to enlarge your eyes and have natural color contact lenses, you can choose a diameter of 14.2mm-14.5mm.