Ease the uncomfortableness when you wear contacts for first time

For first-time contact lens users, there might be some discomfort you may come with, and here is WhereColour to help you to conquer with.


Mild foreign body sensation

If you have no other discomfort or hurt besides foreign body sensation, this might be result that the wearer is not used to the edge of the lens, you can continue to wear, and soon the symptom will disappear.


Mild eye congestion

If you have no other discomfort, it may be a normal reaction of the conjunctiva to the initial adaptation of the contact lens, which should disappear in a few days.


Occasional blurry vision

It is a normal phenomenon the number of unconscious blinks is reduced because of wearing contacts for the first time, and the tear film is unstable, which leads to a blurry vision.

It is recommended to maintain a normal number of blinks during wearing contacts. Generally, vision can be gradually stabilized after a short-term adaptation.




Contact lenses have a greater accommodative function than frame glasses do, which will lead to mild short sight.

When faced with this situation, you can let your eyes slowly adapt to it, if can't adapt, you should replace to low-degree lenses.


Remember: different people have different adaptation periods for contact lenses. Even if your reaction is different from others, don’t worry. When you are in doubt, you should remove your contact lenses immediately and consult an ophthalmologist. As long as you are willing to spend some patience and try several times, you can enjoy the unrestrained and comfortable feeling brought by WhereColour contact lenses!