Can Everyone Wear Colored Contacts?

Though colored contacts bring a great convenience our life, and upgrade our beauty, there are kinds of people who are not recommended for wearing colored contacts.

  1. Patients with eye diseases are not recommended to wear colored contacts;
  2. People who are very sensitive to any discomfort, especially those who are extremely sensitive to eye pain, and those who have decreased body resistance, such as diabetes, pregnancy; arthritis, sinusitis, are not recommended to wear colored contacts;
  3. Those who do not pay attention to hygiene and cannot follow the doctor's advice are not recommended to wear colored contacts;
  4. Those who have undergone vision correction surgery cannot wear colored contact lenses within 1 year;
  5. Although there is no strict age limit, colored contacts are not suitable for adolescents who are in a period of vigorous growth, and the visual axis of the eyeball has not been finalized. If they wear colored contacts prematurely or for a longer period of time, they are prone to side effects such as corneal hypoxia and physiological metabolic disorders.
  6. After the age of 40, you should gradually bid farewell to colored contacts. Because human eye tissue undergoes obvious degenerative changes, and the resistance of the eye part is decreasing, especially the ability of the eyeball to tolerate hypoxia.
  7. It is best for women to "rest" colored contacts during menstruation and pregnancy. Because before and during the menstrual period, the intraocular pressure will be higher than usual, and the eyeballs around the eye are more easily congested. During pregnancy, the secretion of hormones changes, so that the water content in the body also changes. The eyelids are a little swollen and the cornea thickens, which causes eye discomfort.