How to Maintain Your Contact Lens

  1. The cleaning and maintenance of colored contacts are the same as that of contact lens, but one thing shall be noted is that colored contacts cannot be washed and soaked with syrup containing hydrogen peroxide, and no enzyme tablets should not be used when removing protein but milder protein-removing products such as protein-removing liquid. In addition, WhereColour reminds you to wash the contact lenses thoroughly every day to protect your health and beauty.


  1. Colored contact lenses need to be carefully cleaned every 2 days. First, wash your hands with soap, pour the care solution on the palms of your hands. And then, put the lenses on, and massage the front and back 15 times with your index finger. You have to rub to clean the contact lens. Otherwise, protein will be deposited on the lens, causing blurred vision and shortening the service life of the contact lens. Finally, after the massage is completed, clamp the colored contacts with a clip, and use a clean care solution to rotate the front and back of the lens and rinse it off.


  1. Put the colored contact in the companion box. The care solution must be submerged and soaked for at least 6 hours a day. Be careful not to run the lid of the companion box over the colored contacts to avoid chipping. If you don't wear contact lenses for a long time, change the care solution every 2 days.


  1. Please remove your colored contacts in dusty and heavily polluted environments: once foreign matter such as dust enters the eye, the lens of the colored contact lenses will irritate the cornea through friction, causing eye pain and bacterial infection.


  1. Do not drop eye drops while wearing colored contacts. If you feel unwell, you should seek medical advice promptly. The shorter the wearing period, the better the comfort and breathability of the colored contact lenses. It can also avoid protein precipitation and reduce eye complications caused by improper care.