Check the Condition of Your Eyes to Meet 3 Principles

The reaction of eyeballs toward colored contacts is varied for the difference between each of us, so does the adaptive period. Thus, we have to check the condition of our eyes daily to meet three principles.


The First Principle: The Condition of Your Eyes is Fine

Check our eyeballs to see whether they are white and clear, having no redness or not. If the condition is the same as that without colored contacts, which means fine.


The Second Principle: The Feeling of Your Eyes is Fine

While wearing colored contacts, we ought to feel comfortable and natural. Generally, it is a normal reaction that new wearers may feel that the eyes are a little uncomfortable with colored contacts on, and it will disappear after a few days. But no matter how, we should not experience the feeling of tingling, burning or other persistent discomfort.


The Third Principle: The Eyesight of Your Eyes is Fine

The image we see must be clear, not blurry. New wearers may feel that after putting on contact lenses, viewing the scene is different from wearing frame glasses. This is because when wearing contact lenses, the object will appear in front of the eyes with the original size and position with no parallax at all; on the contrary, when we wear frame glasses, the object in front of you is larger or smaller than the original due to the distance between the eyes and the frame.


Please Remember: Different people have different adaptation periods for colored contacts. Even if your reaction is different from others, don’t worry. When you are in doubt, you should remove your colored contacts immediately and consult an ophthalmologist. As long as you are willing to spend some patience and try several times, you can enjoy the unrestrained, comfortable and comfortable feeling brought by colored contacts!!