Do Colored Contacts Hurt Eyes?


Colored contacts are much better than frame glasses in correcting astigmatism, nearsightedness, hyperopia, and other issues.

Wearing colored contacts itself is not harmful to the eyes. Healthy and reasonable wearing colored contacts will not cause damage to your eyes, but the unsanitary colored contacts will cause bacterial infection or wear them for longer than healthy wearing time, many complications will occur.

Thus, the cleaning of your colored contacts is of vital importance.


First, for frequent wearers: after wearing the contacts every day, you need to clean them with your hands or use a cleaner to clean and soak them into the new care solution; for those not: change the care solution every three days and clean the contacts once a week


Second, clean and sterilize the companion box every week and be sure to use boiling water, then dry the box in a naturally ventilated environment, and don't forget to change the companion box once every three months.


Third, change your care solution every three months. Because the long-term care solution does not have the care effect, but will cause the contacts to produce bacteria.


Fourth, after long-term wear, the contacts will start to age normally. Wearing for a full year with yearly-proved contacts is not hygienic, we recommended for a usage of about half a year.

And if you do not often maintain your colored contacts on time, there will be more protein and bacteria remaining on the contacts. The life span may be less than half a year.