Vengeance is Mine: Graceful Angel Grey Contacts

Known as Surgeon of Death in One Piece, Trafalgar D. Water Law is one of twelve pirates who are referred to as the "Worst Generation". Once a Seven Warlords of the Sea, but now wanted 500 million Belly, Law cosplayed by @kittumcos with WhereColour Graceful Angel Grey Contacts is now allying the Straw Hat Pirates to fight against Four Emperors.


Law is the only known survivor of Amber Lead Syndrome, and joined the Donquixote Pirates at the age of 10 after experiencing the tragic death of his parents in order to retaliate against the world. However, thanks to the efforts of Doflamingo's brother, Rosinante, Law was freed from the Donquixote Pirates, and later founded the notorious Heart Pirates.

Brilliant Law cosplay by Kitt who recreate this slim young man having faint shadows right under his grey eyes vividly, as well as the details like the sideburns and a small goatee. Many tattoos Law has, one of the most iconic is the tribal-style heart tattoo with his Jolly Roger on the chest.


WhereColour Graceful Angel Grey Contacts set off the tenderness and coolness of Kitt’s Law look with the sharp and striking grey hues, also a touch of mystery is added to the eyes, and the light grey inside and dark grey edge help to create the realistic silhouette as they allow the original eye colors to play into the crystal grey shades.

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