Captain Marvel: Sweet Blueberry Cheese Blue Contacts

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The origin and the first adventure of Captain Marvel are shown in the film with the same in 2019. This movie featured the first female protagonist of Marvel studio, metaphors for women's self-reliance and self-reliance can be seen everywhere. And @morganitecosplay brings her version of this powerful hero with WhereColour Sweet Burberry Cheese Blue Contacts today.


From the beginning of the movie, Captain Marvel is set as a self-seeking woman. In the constant flashback of memory, she has various cognitive confusions in the current world, gradually discovers that he was originally a puppet with power. Finally, she exposed the deception and found her own value. She was always mocked by men. Not only was she able to become a female pilot sitting in the cockpit of an airplane, she also used her superpowers to force her to retreat from the super villain.


Morgan carries the little Groot wearing the classic uniform of red and blue with the striking anise star logo. Blonde, Morgan wears a big bright smile with WhereColour Sweet Burberry Cheese Blue Contacts.


WhereColour Sweet Blueberry Cheese Blue Contacts are attractive like Danish blueberry cheese, the layer of these contacts enhances the pupil to bring you the freshness of blueberry, endow your eyes with the charm of the color of independence, wise, trustfulness. These marvelous blue contacts are also very suitable for other Marvel characters with the same personalities, such as Captain America, Hawkeye, Thor and so on. But what more important is that WhereColour want to see your Marvel look, and don't forget to TAG US on Instagram!