Scarlet Witch: Polar Lights Crystal Grey Contacts

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After WandaVision, Scarlet Witch will return in the sequence of Dr. Strange, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, one of the key parts of Phase Four of Marvel Cinematic Universe. And if you want to wield the Chaos Magic and open the Multiverse as Scarlet Witch does, @ivycosplay with WhereColour Polar Lights Crystal Grey Contacts is your example to follow.


The abnormal psychological fluctuations of an Omega-level mutant are extremely dangerous for other Avengers. As a woman, Scarlet Witch is fragile, all she wants is a normal family; As a mutant, her power is not obtained through savvy. Once she has a breakdown, she will hurt the innocent. Before Scarlet Witch restored the world, she hysterically yelled out such a sentence: "No more mutants!"


Ivy’s Scarlet Witch look is based on the classic comic look, the lady in red, has a red suit, red hair, red cloak and red helmet, while the look on her face is confused, it seems like that she is looking for someone, maybe her husband, vision, while the WhereColour Polar Lights Crystal Grey Contacts really fit Ivy’s Scarlet Witch costume, adding the vibe.


Inspired by the magnificent polar lights of Nordic, WhereColour Polar Lights Crystal Grey Contacts make your eyes just look like a crystal without any impurities, endow your eyes with shades of the great Nordic gallery, charming and attractive for your costume.

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