Travel Through the Desert: Fairy Sorayama Green Contacts

In the “Forbidden City Entry”, one of the main quests of the hit game The Legend of Zelda, our hero Link has to purchase the Gerudo Set, and by wearing it, Link will be disguised as a woman, and thus be allowed him entry into Gerudo Town.


The Gerudo Link has gained much popularity for the gender bender, many fan arts, as well as cosplays, have been created. And here is the stunning Gerudo Link cosplay by brilliant cosplayer @ harumishiri.


The Gerudo Set consists of three part: Gerudo Veil, Gerudo Top and Gerudo Sirwal. This armor set will protect the skin of Link’s face from harsh sunshine of desert, and the open, breathable design allows for the ease of movement of Link. This set helps Link to travel through the desert with ease.


With Gerudo Veil on the face, we can only see the wheat hair and eyes, thus, the selecting of colored contacts become important. For Haru, she chose WhereColour Fairy Sorayama Green Contacts to complete her Link cosplay.


In the game, Link is known as the Hero of the Wind, and he is running through the wild most of the time, therefore, it is brilliant that Haru chose Fairy Sorayama Green Contacts, the eyes of prairie, for her Link.

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