Insane Creepy Clown: white mesh contacts

Since its first appearing on the screen in 1990, Pennywise the Dancing Clown has successfully terrified generations, and has become one of the nightmares for many of us, also being one of the most welcomed makeup customs during Halloween.

But creative @roedaxacmas_makeup brought her brand new vision of this classic horror film character.



First of all, you will notice that @roedaxacmas_makeup only turned half of her face into Pennywise, the other half of her face with thick eye makeup remains in the dark, which may be hinting the complex and unfathomable characteristic of the clown.


While on the Pennywise face, with dirty fang and blood-red lip, @roedaxacmas_makeup changed the original red lines into scarlet scars on the face. And in the original version of Pennywise, it has the eyes of tangerine, however, in @roedaxacmas_makeup’s version, she wore WhereColour White Mesh Contacts on the Pennywise face having a distinct contrast to her normal face, upgrading the insanity of this creepy clown.


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