The Gentle Beast: Scary White Zombie Plano Contacts

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Legoshi, the male protagonist of BEASTARS, is a peculiar wolf. Physically, he is much stronger than average wolves, however, he is timid and quiet. Due to his kind heart and gentle behavior, he is trusted and loved by members of the Drama Club. Here is imposing yet benign Legoshi cosplayed by @dxllspit.cos with WhereColour Scary White Zombie Plano Contacts.

Beastars takes place in an anthropomorphic world where carnivorous and herbivorous animals coexist. This world is civilized, where animals have their government and culture. In the world of Beastars, meat-eating is forbidden for carnivores. However, Tem the alpaca, a student of Cherryton Academy, is brutally murdered and devoured. Legoshi the wolf is Tem’s friend so he decides to investigate the case. In the process, He falls in love with Haru the rabbit. When a predator falls in love with prey, is it love, instinct, or desire?

Legoshi is a tall, lean gray wolf. Most of his fur is gray, while his face, neck, and chest fur are cream. As a canine carnivore, his pupils are small and round, with the whites of his eyes occupying the majority. @dxllspit.cos picked WhereColour Scary White Zombie Plano Contacts as the finish of his look. These contacts feature a completely white iris and black pupil, which perfectly present the eyes of Legoshi. These contacts are the perfect pair to give you that scary look, suitable for a variety of costumes including Zombies and Demons!