Queen of the Nile: Attractive Bunny Brown Contacts

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Cleopatra, in full Cleopatra VII Thea Philopator, was the last female pharaoh of Ptolemaic Egypt, who is known for her outstanding talent and charming outlook. @goddess_be.u.tea designs this amazing makeup art inspired by Cleopatra with WhereColour Attractive Bunny Brown Contacts.

Cleopatra is the most legendary woman in Egyptian history. She utilized her charm and wisdom to attract two great rulers of the Roman Empire to preserve her country. Her dramatic life led to her appearance in many masterpieces, such as works of Shakespeare and George Bernard Shaw. In Hollywood, the earliest Cleopatra movie dates back to 1917. Afterward, Cleopatra was played by many glamorous actresses. Elizabeth Taylor was named “Queen of the Nile” for her role in Cleopatra (1963). Cleopatra gradually became a pop culture icon because of these films.

Her image, a crown on her head, short black beaded hair, and Egyptian eyes, has become one of the most recognizable ones. Her eyes are particularly special. Blue-green-gold eyeshadow, elongated eyeliner, and light brown pupils make her exotic, intelligent, majestic, and charming. WhereColour ATTRACTIVE BUNNY BROWN CONTACTS completes her look perfectly, endowing the eyes with the cuteness and wit of a bunny and allure and royalty of a queen.