Windborne Bard: Clear Ocean Blue Contacts

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@_akumanoko as Venti, the free-spirited bard in video game Genshin Impact with WhereColour Clean Ocean Blue Contacts. As a bard, he is wine-loving, mischievous, and childlike. However, his hidden identity require him to bell the cat when a crisis arises.

Venti is the mortal vessel of Barbatos, the founder and governor of Mondstadt, the wind god, and one of The Seven. After establishing Mondstadt as the land of freedom, Barbatos declined to rule directly and departed. There was no king or gods in charge of Mondstadt, which was a free utopia where only the Knights managed the security. Under a pseudonym, Venti observed and protected his people anonymously. When a grave crisis happened, he sacrificed his “Heart of God” to rescue his people. From then on, Venti was not Barbatos any more, rather he became a mortal with magic.

Babatos shaped his mortal vessel in the shape of a human juvenile. He has short black hair and two fading green twist braids, one on either side of his head. When disguised as Venti, Barbatos wear a baroque clothing with a green cloak and a Cecilias flower pinned to the brim of his hat. His blue-green eyes are bright and clear, like a lake in the forest.

Like the calm lake, Clear Ocean Blue Contacts just look like crystals without any impurities for your cosplay costumes. These incredible colored contacts will offer you a new look combined with exoticism and naturalness like the shimmering and glimmering lake, giving you charming and attractive eyes.