Stone Free: Little Devil Blue Contacts

Are you excited? I know you are, because today is the premiere day of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Part 6: Stone Ocean. This is the first and currently the only work in the Jojo series that features a female as the protagonist, and WhereColour today is going to share the magnificent cosplay of the glamorous protagonist Jolyne Kujoh by @pypr.pypr with WhereColour Little Devil Blue Contacts.


The main protagonist of Stone Ocean, Jolyne Kujoh is the daughter of Jotaro Kujo, the protagonist of Stardust Crusaders, and an unknown American woman. Framed for a DUI murder, she is sent to Green Dolphin Street Prison, where she investigates and battles Dio's most trusted disciple, Father Enrico Pucci.

She awakened her Stand, Stone Free, named after the song of the same name by the great guitarist Jimi Hendrix, which can allow her to turn her body into an elastic but relatively fragile thread during her time in jail.

The coloration of the outfit and look of Jojo characters is changeable. Take Jolyne for example, her hair color can be grass green, but in the next episode is wheat yellow. Thus, the choice of colored contacts may depend more on the final result that cosplayer want to achieve. @pypr.pypr pick WhereColour Little Devil Blue Contacts to finish her Jolyne cosplay. These blue colored contacts add the feeling of exotic and mystery to her Jolyne cosplay, as well as fit the characteristic of confrontation and determination.


WhereColour Little Devil Blue Contacts make your eyes look like drops of water with the amazing enlargement, let them shine on, naturally charming and attractive. These blue contacts are especially welcomed for some special occasions, such as Halloween or cosplay parties, and we are more than delighted to be TAGGED on Instagram to see your Jojo cosplay with WhereColour contacts on!