Resourceful and Ambitious: Dragon Eyes Green Colored Contacts

Christmas is in one month, have you found the ideal colored contacts and costume for the day? And if you want to stand out of the crowd and take everyone’s breath, WhereColour recommends you Dragon Eyes Green Colored Contacts, and here today, we gonna share @xstxefx’s stunning outfit with WhereColour Dragon Eyes Green Colored Contacts.


Inspired by the magical world in Harry Porter, @xstxefx turned herself into a student of Slytherin which is one of the four Houses at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The students of Slytherin are known for having the characteristics of cunning, resourcefulness, leadership, and ambition. Snake is the emblematic animal of the house and the colors of the house are green and sliver, thus, @xstxefx wears a sweater of jasper embroidered with a silver snake.


For colored contacts, @xstxefx picked WhereColour Dragon Eyes Green Colored Contacts, a perfect choice, for which precisely meet the color as well as the animal of the Slytherin House. The whole makeup by @xstxefx is not extravagated but subtle, this look is subtly suitable for daily but also will let the spotlight of the party shine on you.

All WhereColour contacts are known for their comfortableness and softness, and try these WhereColour Dragon Eyes Green Colored Contacts on with your cosplay costume, or follow @xstxefx’s inspiration, add them to your daily look and stun your surroundings, welcome to TAG US to let us know your creation and your photos will be shown on our socials!!