Remain in the Dark: Mystery Red Contacts

Vampire, the undead creature with a thirst for blood, is one of the most popular icons in folklore throughout the centuries. And with literature, films as well as games, the vampire has become the dominant role of the horror genre.


The Vampire is believed to have the fear of sunshine which will burn it into dust, this makes this creature can only walk in the dark. DuAlice has turned herself into a vampire of the modern version. With a delicate blonde hairstyle, exquisite nail art, the jacket of medieval style, this elegant vampire remains in the dark, waiting maybe for another victim’s sacrifice.


The history of the use colored contacts is bonded with makeup in horror films, such as Dracula (1958) with Christopher Lee as the titled character is one of the films with the first uses of colored contacts. And red contacts are surely the premier choice for vampire makeup, as for DuAlice, she chose WhereColour Mystery Red Contacts.


WhereColour Mystery Red Contacts is also one of the infusers’ most choices to complete their Halloween customs, a perfect choice for vampires, demons and other horror characters that appeared in your nightmares. What are your ideal customs? You don't have to make exaggerated makeup but follow DuAlice’s example to walk the line of customs and cosmetics. TAG US on Instagram to share, and your look will post on our socials!!