I Alone Am the Honored One: Exotic E.T. Alien Eye Contacts

Born to be the strongest Jujutsu sorcerer alive, Satoru Gojo can be considered as one of the most complex characters in the hit manga Jujutsu Kaisen. He is normally kind and playful to his students, but to sorcerer executives and his enemies, he is unsympathetic and cruel.

Such personality has gained him much popularity. And here is @ _mikaren’s cosplaying Satoru Gojo.


In the setting, Satoru was born to have Six Eyes which grants the user vast perception and immense brain processing power, allowing him to precisely manipulate the sophisticated powers of the Limitless down to an atomic level. And that is the reason why his eyes are usually covered by a black blindfold or dark sunglasses.


In the setting, the Six Eyes only appears once for centuries. And the color of Satoru’s eyes is light blue. @ _mikaren chose WhereColour Exotic E.T. Alien Eye Contacts to meet this character. In some way, Satoru is like an alien to the world for his absolute power and rebel against sorcerer executives.


Blue is one of the primary colors, the color of ocean and sky, both of which are infinite, which perfectly fits Satoru because his power is limitless. And WhereColour Exotic E.T. Alien Eye Contacts adds the vibrant color of mystery to the character. Besides that, these super soft and smooth colored contacts will offer you moisture all day long.

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