Purple Rain: Mysterious Fairy Purple Contacts

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I googled “Do Vampires Celebrate Christmas”, and it comes that this religious holiday has been accepted worldwide as a day of peace and happiness, a day of sharing and giving. So it doesn't matter whether you are a vampire, a goth, a cat or any race you are, we all have the right to unwrap Christmas presents. So if vampires still have no idea which colored contacts for Christmas, let @izachuu with Mysterious Fairy Purple Contacts inspire you.


Iza has a hair of half grey and half black, and wears the deep purple lipstick with two pointy fang which is the icon of a vampire. This teenage vampire also wears earrings with big eardrop, making a not-so-convincible fierce gesture that we all know she won’t hurt anyone and suck the blood, causing any sorrow and pain, only want to see you laughing in the purple rain.


“One more thing Marceline” we can hear her whisper of calling the Vampire Queen in Adventure Time. We don't know what exactly is that “one more thing”, maybe the riff of their band’s new song, or the new trend of nail art for this season. However, the specific content remains mystery for having no further more clues, but there is one thing for sure that Mysterious Fairy Purple Contacts really fit Iza.


Mysterious Fairy Purple Contacts really fit any style you want to try, no matter daily outfit or cosplay costume. Because purple is a color of magic, it can be noble, mysterious, and adorable. These amazing contacts featured with the dreamlike purple outer ring, while having lavender purple inside, blends with the primary sky purple, ready to charm in the blink of an eye. So add these Mysterious Fairy Purple Contacts to your cart for your Christmas look, and don't forget to TAG US on Instagram to spread your charm!