Music Change the World: Exotic Alien Blue Contacts

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Seraphine is the starry-eyed songstress of the League of Legends, and her every move will make her more attractive. She is the champion with the biggest announcement, the longest warm-up time, and the most expensive skin. Here are beautiful pictures from @kumi_cosplay as Seraphine with WhereColour Exotic Alien Blue Contacts.


Born in Piltover to Zaunite parents, Seraphine can hear the souls of others—the world sings to her, and she sings back. Though these sounds overwhelmed her in her youth, she now draws on them for inspiration, turning the chaos into a symphony. She performs for the sister cities to remind their citizens that they're not alone, that they're stronger together, and that, in her eyes, their potential is limitless.


Seraphine was born for music, she believes that music can change the world, even though others think she is crazy. She possesses fascinating empathy and can magically feel the souls around her. Her fans are obsessed with her music because they subconsciously hear their own reflection in the melody.


To recreate the eyes of infinite potential, @kumi_cosplay finish her Seraphine look with WhereColour Exotic Alien Blue Contacts which adds a touch of charming exotic and mystery with the rich vibrant coloration of blue.

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