Control Devil: Flowery Brown Contacts

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Since the recent PV of Chainsaw Man animation PV, the appearance of Makima has also set off a cosplay upsurge. @haanamiya shared her Makima cosplay with WhereColour Flowery Brown Contacts, it’s like the character stepping out of the comic.


Makima is a high-ranking Public Safety Devil Hunter, who turns the demonized Denji back to his human form with a hug. After that, she rejected the consensus and decided to take in Denji that had nowhere to go. She is a woman with a mysterious background, usually gentle and charming, but also has a cold side that is unknown.

Makima is a beautiful woman who appears to be in her mid-twenties. Her hair color is a light red, normally kept in a loose braid with bangs reaching just past her eyebrows and two longer side bangs that frame her face. Her eyes are yellow with shades of red within them.


WhereColour Flowery Brown Contacts have a unique flowery pattern that will help you stand out from the crowd with the enchanting coloration of chocolate brown blending within. Suitable for both dark and light eyes, these contacts with mild water content will moisture your eyes, and free your worries of all-day wearing, just add these to your cart, and TAG US on Instagram to show your look.