Death the Kid: Lollipop Bright Yellow Contacts

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In Soul Eater, the gods in the world, symbols of all kinds of madness, have the power to induce people to fall into all kinds of madness. And Death is the personification of madness through order, while his son Death the Kid cosplayed by @dxllspit.cos with WhereColour Lollipop Bright Yellow Contacts suffers from asymmetriphobia and a crippling obsessive-compulsive disorder for symmetry.


Like his older brother Asura, Death the Kid was created from a part of his father's being as an Immature Death God. he is quite obsessed with left and right symmetry, and requires perfect symmetry for everything. Whenever the situation touched his nervousness, he would change his usual calm attitude and become quite childish.

The appearance of Kid is unique. The most distinguishing feature is the set of three white lines on the left side of his hair called the Lines of Sanzu which are revealed to be symbols of his status as a Grim Reaper and their eventual connection would awaken his full power.


Kid's eyes have shades of yellow ringing around his pupil, which makes Lollipop Bright Yellow Contacts the perfect choice to finish Kid costume. The bright lollipop design of these contacts adds some surrealism to your cosplay costume with fresh and vivid coloration. And they are suitable for both light& dark eyes, while the wide circle makes the eyes enlarge amazingly.

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