Welcome to Pixie Hallow: Azure Sunshine Blue Colored Contacts

Do you remember the time when we went on adventures with Tinker Bell? We have got ourselves so much trouble, but our gentle Queen Clarion always forgave us, welcomed and treasured us. Queen Clarion is not only the beautiful Queen of Pixie Hallow, but also like a mother to fairies. She wants all her treasured fairies to live in peace and harmony in Pixie Hallow.


As a fan of Disney, @ yellowbeesnroses has been admiring Queen Clarion since she was a child, the character means a lot to her. And to complete her cosplay, she wears a blonde lace front wig, and dresses in elegant white. As the queen of Pixie Hallow, Queen Clarion is talented and among many of her talents, she is capable of traveling in the form of golden pixie dust, and thus, she has a pair of wings of gold.


With wings of gold, an elegant crown, pointy ears, warm smile, @ yellowbeesnroses is the Queen of Pixie Hallow. What about her eyes, how shall the eyes of the Queen of Pixie Hallow look like? As we always say: “Blue is the warmest color.” Queen Clarion has eyes which can cheer the saddest pixie up. And for this, @ yellowbeesnroses chose WhereColour Azure Sunshine Blue Contacts for her cosplay.


These blue contacts are truly perfect for light and dark eyes, romantic yet natural, suitable for any occasion, and can make your eye have the shade of warm blue sunshine.

 We also want to see your cosplay of Queen Clarion or other classic Disney icons with Azure Sunshine Blue Contacts, make sure to TAG US on Instagram to show your marvelous recreation!