Heaven’s Gate: Mystery Egypt Yellow Contacts

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Have you watched Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Part 6: Stone Ocean, which was released last week, and were amazed by the brilliant battles of Jolyne. Today, another Jolyne, our creative cosplayer @elfptt brings her cosplay of Jojo character, not Jolyne again, but Rohan Kishibe, the charming character in Part 4: Diamond is Unbreakable with WhereColour Mystery Egypt Yellow Contacts.


As a well-known manga artist, Rohan is meticulous in his work. He has an extraordinary dedication to comic creation, and he believes that "reality" is an indispensable element of creation, and he is a Stand User who uses his Stand, Heaven’s door to transform others into books and read their experience for inspiration.

Rohan is a slender young man of medium build. He has green hair designed as a smooth undercut on the side. He has a well-defined face with sharp cheekbones and delicate eyebrows.


In anime, the eyes of Rohan are green. Jolyne finished her cosplay with WhereColour Mystery Egypt Yellow Contacts, however, the eyes of her Rohan look are green, which is because Jolyne has light green eyes having the green effect on the contacts, combined with the vibrant shade of these contacts, adding a vibe of mystery, giving the Rohan a feeling that is both sophisticated and sparkling.

What color do your eyes have, may they have the same mystery effect with colored contacts on as Jolyne’s do? Welcome to post your costume and TAG US on Instagram to let us know!