Delivery Service: Attractive Blind Black Contacts

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Kiki's Delivery Service directed by Hayao Miyazaki has moved thousands of hearts with the adventure of a trainee witch, the dilemma faced by Japanese adolescent girls in hope of independence and self-reliance. For adorable Kiki cosplay, @strega_salamander’s pick is WhereColour Attractive Blind Black Contacts.


Kiki is strong-willed and left her home a year at the age of 13 to receive training to become a witch. She is very friendly, curious, kind, sweet, and optimistic, but sometimes stubborn and proud, which sometimes disadvantages her. She is very attached to her pet black cat, Jiji, and introduces him as her best friend.

Kiki has short, dark brown hair, which she ties back using a large, amaranth red bow. She wears a medium-sleeved, jet black dress which mostly appears to be violet. And she has a pair of big black doll eyes.


Choose WhereColour Attractive Blind Black Contacts for your costume of character with big doll eyes. These black contacts are applicable for all people, both light & dark eyes. If you have light eyes and always wonder what you will look like with pure black eyes, or if you have born dark eyes and seek a big-eye natural and attractive look, these black contacts are excellently your choice.

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