The First Child: Scary Demon Red Eyes Contacts

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Rei Ayanami is the First Child, the pilot of Evangelion Unit-00 and one of the central characters in Neon Genesis Evangelion, Rei has a calmness far beyond that of ordinary people, which has reached the point of indifference, taciturn and lack of facial expressions. She is the first of the Three No Girls, and here below is @bunygrrrl’ s version of her with WhereColour Scary Demon Red Eyes Contacts.


No specific information is given about Rei's origin or heritage, and her mysterious life experience and unique personality always attract EVA fans. She who started with the EVA project has been living in the research institute during her teenage years. After growing up, she has been an experimental product developed and launched in the EVA series, providing experimental data.

Rei has short pale blue hair with bangs centered to the middle and has red eyes which Scary Demon Red Eyes Contacts companion well.


WhereColour Scary Demon Red Eyes Contacts can perfectly change the color of your eyes into scarlet, and enlarge them into anime style, besides that, they’re comfortable, cute, and super dolly as well as bright, and your eyes won’t feel dry up. They would be the best partner with your makeup and cosplay costume.

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