FemDraco Supremacy: Elvish Wildcat Green Contacts

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Christmas is around the corner, are you ready for the tasty butter beer, the cheerful music, and the dance that lasts all night long at the party? Well, for a young magician of Hogwarts, it’s a custom that students should wear their best gowns and dance with their best friends. And Joshi’s Female Draco look with WhereColour Elvish Wildcat Green Contacts has entered the chat of the party.


Being the son of a Death Eater, Draco was raised to strongly believe in the importance of blood purity. He attended Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and was proudly sorted into Slytherin House. He was made a prefect of his house and was a member of the Inquisitorial Squad during his fifth year.


Draco was a slender boy with sleek white-blond hair, cold grey eyes, a pale complexion and rather sharp, pointed features. He was described to have haughty good looks. In general, Draco was an arrogant, spiteful bully, his narcissistic nature most likely stemmed from his being spoiled by his parents throughout his childhood. While Tom Felton, the actor who played the role of Draco, brought this character into real life from book, and completed what was not described or completed in the book, thus gaining as much as the popularity for Draco.


Joshi’s Female Draco look is elegant as a princess with the iconic color of green of House Slytherin, the green gown and the WhereColour Elvish Wildcat Green Contacts. Having the shades of graceful strides of green grass, these green contacts can not only bring you the breath of wild, but also the mystery of forest within your eyes. While the high comfortability by the high oxygen transmission rate as well as mild water content, making your eyes charming and attractive.

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