Halloween Makeup Advices from WhereColour

  To be someone must be a wonderful thing, like a rock singer, or a big film star, or just some creatures only lived in fantasy, and Halloween is the perfect season, and it’s knocking at the door! In case, if you haven’t found your favored Halloween make-up yet, here are some little advices from WhereColour... 

  Check out @jadee17’s latest make up. With WhereColour Mystery Purple Contacts, this talented make-up artist turned herself into a spooky yet charming spider. The vibrant shade of violet not only adds a touch of mystery to her, but also combined with the cobweb on her face, you and I are just becoming another prey of this spider queen.


  If you want to stand out of the crowd, and scare everybody out, @mixfoxylove will surely be your master, he personalized the classical Halloween character Insane Sister, he painted his eye socket black with bloodstain on it, having a religious look but which will have none gone to pray to him. And with WhereColour Scary White Zombie Contacts, he made himself more than spooky but frightening!


  How can Mad Hatter, the character in Alice in Wonderland be missed in this year’s Halloween! The incredible make-up artist @mielsanchezmakeup in her latest work has given this classical character a brand and brave new look, showing the Mad Hatter in her view. With WhereColour Little Devil Blue Contacts, her eyes behind the pinkish eyeshadow and think dark eyebrows are like deep water-drops, adding the feeling of exotic and mystery.



  Besides these, there are more Halloween custom ideas wanting for you to come up with, follow WhereColour to check out the ideal contacts for your favored custom idea, and also welcome to TAG us on Instagram to have the chance to show your best Halloween custom on our social!!