Vanilla Cat: Gilding Black Contacts

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Imagine a confection shop whose clerks are catgirls, it’s not a fantasy but real in Nekopara, a visual novel series which is set in a world where humans live alongside catgirls, known as "Nekos". And Vanilla and Chocola are two catgirls raised by the family of the protagonist. Clever and quiet catgirl Vanilla cosplayed by @misayasha with WhereColour Gilding Black Contacts.


Vanilla is Chocola’s twin sister and the youngest among the Minaduki catgirls. Vanilla is prone to be misunderstood because she rarely expresses her emotions. In fact, she is quite smart and often makes some remarkable insights. Her sharp wit and I’ll-do-things-my-way attitude make her Chocola’s complete opposite. However, she remains both kind-hearted and, well, catlike.

Unlike her sister, Vanilla has a pair of tall and beautiful cat ears, and her hair is primarily white with a subtle pink undertone. Her eyes are often slightly squinted, and her hair is tied up and styled as twin tails supported by a blue ribbon strand.


WhereColour Gilding Black Contacts have endowed Misa’s Vanilla look with freshness and chicness. Having subtle golden sparkling on the contacts, these natural colored contacts help you to release the natural beauty of your eyes, make you shine on.