Fallen Angel: Sweet Blueberry Cheese Blue Contacts

WhereColour Meet the Eyes, Colored Contacts for Every Day.

Devilman Crybaby updates the original 1970s setting to the 21st century but retains the basic premise of Nagai's manga, following Akira Fudo and his friend Ryo Asuka as they face an ancient race of demons that seek to destroy humanity. The series' announcement and release were among the most widely discussed among anime series released, being described as the best Netflix anime, and one of the best anime of the year overall and the decade for its anti-war theme, thrilling plot as well as the engaging character design such as Ryo Asuka cosplayed by @mimiscos with Sweet Blueberry Cheese Blue Contacts.


Ryo was a lean-build young man with light blonde Korean undercut hair style, as well as piercing blue eyes, and had very pale skin. He is always seen in white clothes including a large overcoat.

Ryo is the human form of Satan who was a fallen angel and has been planning to destroy humanity by turning them against each other by revealing the presence of Demons many years ago. Rather than fight the demons and defend humans, they instead used demons to eradicate humanity seeing them as a weak species.


WhereColour Blueberry Cheese Blue Contacts are like a piece of Danish blueberry cheese, luring and attractive, adding a touch of evil spirit charm to this character’s costume. Wearing them on to reject ordinary boredom, feel the freshness of blueberry, let your eyes be the breeze for the hot summer days.