Struggle to Live: Lovely Mia Pink Contacts

Did you go to Grand Rapids Comic Con last weekend? And if you did, did you spot this thin little shy girl with a short braid and two hairpins on the left hair wearing the uniform of a fast food restaurant there? And if you did, congratulations, you have found our cute cosplayer Rev as Kobeni Higashiyama in the hit manga Chainsaw Man.


In the manga, Kobeni is a young girl of 20 years old who has to work hard to support her family. Compared with her Devil hunter colleagues, she is just a timid and cowardly normal girl but will show amazing speed and reflexes when threatened. Such contrasting character setting is gaining her much popularity.


As a young cosplayer, Rev is sweet and lively, so when she braided her hair, she is Kobeni already. As for her choice of colored contacts, Rev chose WhereColour Mia Pink Contacts to cosplay this lovely character. These amazing colored contacts allows Rev to have a pair of bigger as well as more vigorous eyes with the fresh colorway and high water content.


Add a touch of subtle pink to your beautiful eyes with WhereColour Mia Pink Contacts, and let your eyes have the daily blossom in this cold winter. The shades of pinkish will deliver you a truly vigorous and unforgettable look!