Moon Shrine: Best White Mesh Contacts

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Everyone can sing like Sinatra if you try to speak your own voice, and everyone can dress as the goddess of the moon. But if you don't have any clue in your mind, follow the example of @Shiromakeup13 with WhereColour Best White Mesh Contacts and come fly with her, swing among the stars, and fill your heart with songs.


Crystal blue moon surrounds her right eye which wears Best White Mesh Contacts, and the eye makeup of the hazy violet purple, adding the vibe of noble as well as mystery. Her hair is in ancient Greece style, and a diamond is shining right on her forehead. The shadow of her smile will color all your dreams and light up the dawn. Her white right eye is not cold, but if you look into her eyes, you will see the lovely things you are to her. It’s all beyond the words.


These Best White Mesh contacts are your perfect choice for any creative designs and costume. This special mesh style is the perfect middle-ground between blind effect lenses and other garish cosplay contacts, you can still see some pale light with them on. These contact lenses are light, soft and comfortable to wear, so add them to your cart and be free to create your own creature!