Hero of the Hidden Leaf: Elegant Russia Blue Contacts

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Recently, we have shared brilliant Naruto cosplay by creative cosplayers, but how can the protagonist be missed when it comes to Naruto cosplay? Here today, we share exquisite Naruto cosplay by @seishin_cos with WhereColour Elegant Russia Blue Contacts to you.


When Naruto was born, his parents sacrificed to protect the village and sealed Nine-Tails in Naruto's body. Naruto, who became an orphan, was discriminated against by the villagers since he was a child, but under the encouragement of his teacher, he had the dream of becoming Hokage and everyone recognized his existence, becoming known as the Hero of the Hidden Leaf.


@seishin_cos wears WhereColour Elegant Russia Blue Contacts to complete this excellent Naruto cosplay. These contacts are comfortable to pop in, and leave no irritation during or after several hours of wear. These blue contacts I’d say are on the more neutral side. Beautiful and well-mixed colors of blues to really fade in with your natural iris tones almost seamlessly.

Each one has his/her own favorite Naruto character, and which one is yours? We firmly believe that the small details can determine your cosplay costume and make it stand out leagues above the rest. With this in mind, why would not take a view at WhereColour Naruto contacts options to complete your cosplay costume, and don't forget to TAG US on Instagram to show your work.