Gemini Butterfly: Exotic Alien Blue Contacts

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What image will come to your mind when the word Gemini hit you, a twin with the same appearance, or a twin with two heads on one body. Creative makeup artist @alice_cure has a different idea, she turned herself into a full beautiful butterfly for her Gemini look with WhereColour Exotic Alien Blue Contacts, let’s check out below.


As a brilliant makeup artist, Alice always stuns us with her excellent facial visual art, this butterfly Gemini makeup is one example. I really want to know how she did this work, it was not a simple Photoshop duplication, you can see her facial expression on each face is different, especially for eyes, and the color of her lip, one is red and the other is blue.

As for the wings, they were made with cardboard and stuck with eyelashes glue. Alice creatively made use of the eye markings on the wings of the butterfly as her charming eyes wearing Little Devil Blue Contacts, exotic as the eyes they are. The two-tone design of Little Devil Blue Contacts with a brown inner circle emphasizes the pupil, adding a bit of wildness to the look.


These brilliant Little Devil Blue Contacts add the vibrant blue of mystery ocean and sky to your look, making you charming and exotic. WhereColour welcome you to see your Zodiac look with WhereColour Exotic Alien Blue Contacts, you can follow Alice’s excellent example, or create your own, but don't forget to TAG US on Instagram to let us know!