Cult Jam: Azure Sunshine Blue Contacts

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The part two of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Battle Tendency, is like a cult jam for its fight with verve, plot full of surprise, and Lisa Lisa is a core ally in this part with great charms. Here is JoJo lover and cosplayer @st.jjade as Lisa Lisa with WhereColour Azure Sunshine Blue Contacts.


Lisa Lisa is like any Ripple master, a dignified and courageous woman, facing the Pillar Men without fear, and confidently confronts any challenge she encounters. As the master of Caesar and Joseph, she skillfully employs harsh and apparently life-threatening training for her students and is severe to Joseph, whose antics she doesn't tolerate during his training.


Lisa Lisa is a tall and fit woman. Beautiful and poised, she has light eyes and long, dark hair. Her most known clothes were worn during the last fight with Kars. She wears earrings, a dark strapless dress with shorted-skirt, black pantyhose, a pair of high heels and a long, Ripple-conducting scarf.


Lisa Lisa is a brave and elegant woman. There Azure Sunshine Blue Contacts are truly perfect choice as blue is the warmest color. And they are suitable for any occasion, can make your eye have the shades of warm blue sunshine to lighten up not only yourself but also your surroundings.

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