Cinnamon Elf: Pumpkin Cheese Brown Contacts

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Remember @aloeveraiskawaii who we shared her cute fluffy kitten makeup recently, and this time she is an Elf with WhereColour Pumpkin Cheese Brown Contacts, an excellent and eye-catching makeup look for a new year party for adding the festival vibe.


Elves are very similar to Men. But unlike Men, however, they are immortal, in that their bodies do not age once they have reached maturity, so that they do not seem to become elderly or die of old age. Elves are unusually beautiful in face and body. There is little physical difference between males and females except for that pointy ears and the bright doll eyes.


WhereColour Pumpkin Cheese Brown Contacts are like sweet pumpkin cheese, luring and attractive. Wearing them on to reject ordinary boredom, feel the warmth of pumpkin, let your eyes be the sweetest in the cold winter days.

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