The Control Devil: Scary Demon Red Eyes Contacts

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Makima is the main antagonist of Japanese manga series: Chainsaw Man series. She initially acts as a helper of the protagonist, Denji, by taking him as her human pet. Later, she is revealed to be the Control Devil, having the power to dominate all creatures inferior to Makima. Here is the cruel demon cosplayed by @illegalcatgirls with WhereColour Scary Demon Red Eyes Contacts.

Makima is a complex tragic character. On the one hand, she’s a cunning control freak. She will take any costs to reach her goals, even at the cost of the people she should be protecting. For example, she controls Denji through the promise of a romantic relationship while also threatening him with extermination if he disobeys her. On the other hand, she does all the things for the sake of the greater good. She wants to create a world where everyone is equal and she could feel love because she was raised to be a ruthless and cold woman to lead the Public Safety.

Makima is a beautiful woman with light red hair that is kept in a loose braid. Her eyes are yellow with multiple red rings within them. @illegalcatgirls chooses  WhereColour Scary Demon Red Eyes Contacts to reflect the bloodlessness of the character and match her hair color.

These colored contacts can perfectly change the color of your eyes into scarlet, and enlarge them into anime style, besides that, the wearing is comfortable, your eyes won’t feel dry up. They would be the best partner with your makeup and costume.