Fear Nothing: Clean Ocean Blue Contacts

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Ryuko Matoi cosplayed by @spiiderology with WhereColour Clean Ocean Blue Contacts is the main protagonist in the Kill la Kill anime and manga. She is a nomadic transfer student who transfers to Honnōji Academy in search of the other half of a red Scissor Blade she carries, and the one who murdered her father.


She shows fierce determination in finding her father's killer. Her stubbornness was taken up to ridiculous levels when she managed to free herself from Ragyō's mind control by merely punching herself. Sometimes she can be shown calm, polite, content and warmly flattered. This is mostly seen when eating with the Mankanshoku family.

Ryuko is a teenage girl of medium height. She has mid-length, black, feathery hair and a single red streak on her bangs. Her blue eyes have peculiar gear-shaped pupils with eight grooves around the edges.


Like the magnificent ocean, Clear Ocean Blue Contacts just look like crystals without any impurities. These gorgeous colored contacts will offer your character costume a new look combined with exoticism and naturalness like the mysterious secret of the ocean, giving you charming and attractive eyes.

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