Energetic Smile: Siam Purple Contacts

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None can forget the energetic smile of Setsuna Yuki, one of the main characters of Love Live! Nijigasaki High School Idol Club. She is also a member of AZUNA, a unit under the reformed Nijigaku. @fragaushiromiya is the leader and co-founder of the original group now with WhereColour Siam Purple Contacts.


When Setsuna saw school idols for the first time, it felt as if "fate" was calling out to her; the very reason for becoming a school idol herself. Seemingly always busy with school idol activities, Setsuna had become somewhat of an urban legend among the students at Nijigasaki, with many claiming they had never even seen her at school. Setsuna would always wear her idol outfit whenever she is with the Nijigasaki High School Idol Club.

She is rather short with a slim figure. She has long bluish dark gray hair that she partly ties into a ponytail on the right side with a rose-shaped ornament and has a pair of charming light eyes.


Siam Purple Contacts transfer the most beautiful moon shadow within these character’s eyes. With the delicate and flexible design of 3 tones, the shade of pink and purple seem to be fluid and blend inside the hollowed-out outer ring. On account of the large pupil hole, it’s recommended to choose a similar tint to your natural eyes, and this design will make your eye as clear as a piece of crystal.