Blue Period: Little Devil Blue Contacts

WhereColour Meet the Eyes, Colored Contacts for Every Day.

Maru Mori, the character of Blue Period cosplayed by @monkey_tuna with WhereColour Little Devil Blue Contacts is a former art club member and Yatora Yaguchi's senior who graduated to enter Musahino Art University where she continued to pursue religious art.


Mori is a quiet and good-natured girl, showing kindness to Yatora Yaguchi during their first meeting. She is extremely knowledgeable about classical art techniques and holds a philosophy that there is no such thing as talent, only skill and experience, which she brings up after Yatora expresses envy of her artistic abilities.

She wears a Seifuku with a blue collar, skirt, and ribbon. She has been noted to have a scarily focused looking face when drawing. Mori has black hair styled in a short bob and light blue eyes.


With these Little Devil Blue Contacts, your eyes will be like drops of water with an amazing enlargement, they will look naturally charming and attractive. Wear these for parties of special occasions like Halloween, cosplay, carnival and so on, or for a special outfit to amaze your friends.