Agony's Embrace: Fresh Lemonade Yellow Contacts

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Within the dark seams of Runeterra, the demon Evelynn searches for her next victim. She lures in prey with the voluptuous façade of a human female, but once a person succumbs to her charms, Evelynn's true form is unleashed. Here is @ellie.amber as Evelynn with WhereColour Fresh Lemonade Yellow Contacts.


Once Evelynn unleashed her true form, she then subjects her victim to unspeakable torment, gratifying herself with their pain. To the demon, these liaisons are innocent flings. To the rest of Runeterra, they are ghoulish tales of lust gone awry and horrific reminders of the cost of wanton desire.

Evelynn was initially unaffiliated with any faction, but was later revealed to hail from The Shadow Isles although the Twisted Treeline altars never had quotes dedicated to Evelynn out of a desire to not reveal much about her.


Fresh Lemonade Yellow Contacts for this demon have the vivid coloration as the first sip of lemonade soda. With the rich, vibrant color matching of 2 tones, these colored contacts will give your eyes a sophisticated look. And the vibrant shade of lemon yellow, compared with a black solar ring in the center, locked by a black circle that emphasizes your big doll-like eyes, will be the highlight of your costume.

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