Sclera Contacts-WhereColour Zombie Blood Eye White Contacts


WhereColour Zombie Blood Eye White Contacts

Halloween and Christmas Must-Have Item! ??

Applicable for all people,both light & dark eyes! Plain and wide circle makes the eyes enlarging!

White finish with a blood red surround, WhereColour Zombie Blood Eye White Contacts will be the part you’re lacking of for your scary outfit. No matter deceased in Day of the Dead of Mexico, or zombie in the TV series Walking Dead, we’re expecting the creative character you are going to make with these creepy red lenses!


We deliver premium on-trend colored contact lens and accessories. We’re so confident you’ll love what we do that we offer a one-year guarantee on everything we make.

• High Safety with CE Mark and FDA Approval

To ensure your health and safety, all of our colored contact lens are European CE marked and certified by the United States’ Food and Drug Administration (FDA), in accordance with international qualitative medical standards.

• Top-notch Sandwich Painting Technology

In order to guarantee your health and safety with our best efforts, we adopt top-notch sandwich painting technology for WhereColour contact lenses, putting the pigmented layer embed between the two layer of lenses so that your eyes don’t touch the middle lay directly.

• Smooth Edge and Surface Design with High-Quality Materials

Super soft and smooth edge of all WhereColour colored contact lenses is designed to have a natural and fresh feeling without any sensation of foreign body. The smooth surface of our colored contacts, without any pressure for ocular surface nor cornea, makes you feel super comfortable even with daily wear of these colored contact lenses. High-quality materials effectively against protein stains make contact lenses soft and comfortable to wear. Less friction and more comfort! You can literally wear these all day, every day and forget they're even on your eyes.

• High Oxygen Transmission and Extreme Moisture

High oxygen transmission creates a moisture cushion on the eye by increasing the water content near the lens surface which helps to maintain the moisture of your eyes at a high level. So comfortable you can scarcely feel these thin lenses when you wear them.

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