Attack on Titan Character Makeup with WhereColour Colored Contacts

Monday we have shared the excellent Eren Yeager cosplay by @yaya.cos with WhereColour Elvish Wildcat Green Contacts. And if you are looking for other Attack on Titan colored contacts for your cosplay and want to bring it to real life, you have come to the right place. Within this blog post, WhereColour is going to show you some of the best matches for Attack on Titan character cosplay colored contacts, and we wish to inspire you and begin your great cosplay plan.


Our creative @ veronica_difausto chose WhereColour Exotic E.T. Alien Eye to fit her extraordinary Colossus Titan cosplay. As a brilliant makeup enthusiast, @ veronica_difausto painted her face into the flesh and bone of Colossus Giant.


And with WhereColour Exotic E.T. Alien Eye, the eyes of cyan blue make this iconic Titan of the series a touch of sentimental, most importantly fitting its character of the exotic unknown creature.


The personalities of most female characters in anime or manga are homogenized, so it is hard to find a few well-written characters like Ymir having strong personalities and charms. To complete the cosplay of this character, @ eeveella_cos chose WhereColour Elvish Wildcat Green Contacts.


The shades of grass of these Elvish Wildcat Green Contacts will bring your eyes with the breath of wild. They are the perfect choice for costumes of those characters pursuing freedom.


This is @morphinx.cos as Armin in his Colossus Titan form. The most intelligent character gained the most overwhelming power for its incredible size, standing at a previously unseen 60 meters, tall enough to peer over the top of the Walls. 

 The WhereColour Mystery Blue Contacts wore by @morphinx.cos to complete her Armin in his Colossus Titan form is known for the rich, vibrant blend of 3 tones, the shades of these colored contacts will emphasize your eyes and make them have the mystery of ocean blue.

Attack on Titan Final Season Part 2 is coming, I know you are expecting it, but which character is your most want-to-cosplay one? Let WhereColour contacts be your inspirations and don't forget to TAG US on Instagram to show your brilliant recreation!!