The Nine-Tailed Fox: Azure Sunshine Blue Contacts

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@loveless_hideki as Ahri with WhereColour Azure Sunshine Blue Contacts is one of the four members of K/DA, a virtual K-pop girl group consisting of four themed versions of League of Legends. Ahri is a nine-tailed fox mage in League of Legends, as well as one of the most popular characters.


Setting her old bubblegum pop persona aside, Ahri was determined to shake up her image and reinvent herself as an unstoppable force within the music industry. Five years later, she has returned with a sleek new look and a killer sound—and this time she's not alone.

When Ahri steps onto the stage to perform with K/DA, she knows she's surrounded by the best of the best—different girls with different personalities, all at the top of their craft. As their leader and as their friend, Ahri is poised to guide these divas to even greater heights and leave their audiences breathless for more.


Blue is the warmest color, these Azure Blue Contacts are truly perfect for K/DA Ahri, romantic yet natural, suitable for any occasion, making the eyes have the shades of warm blue sunshine to lighten up not only yourself but also your surroundings.

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