Proud Childe: Elegant Russian Blue Contacts

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Tartaglia, the charming character of the hit video game Genshin Impact, describes himself as "kind of a bad guy", living for the thrill of a fight and causing chaos. His unpredictable personality keeps people guessing his every move. Here is this charming and cunning Childe cosplayed by @weiika_ with WhereColour Elegant Russian Blue Contacts.


As a child, Tartaglia was frightened and hesitant, but he secretly desired to become an adventurer like the ones his father told him. Although he appears to relatively friendly on the surface, Tartaglia is a bloodthirsty warrior. Tartaglia dedicates himself to those he cares about wholeheartedly, thus, Tartaglia is exceptionally reliable at accomplishing the tasks given to him, no matter how difficult they may be or if they go against his values.


Tartaglia has catachrestic choppy orange hair, and a pair of dull blue eyes. @weiika_ picks WhereColour Russian Blue Contacts as the finish for this look. With the rich vibrant coloration inspired by the vast icy land of Russia, and the vivid iris-simulating design, no matter the color of the eyes are dark or light, the deepness and freshness can be within eyes as comparison photos of wearing affect shown above.

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