Playful and Teaseful: Special Red Colored Cat Eye Contacts

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Twisted Wonderland is a mobile game. In which, you take the role of a protagonist who has awoken in Twisted Wonderland. After being freed from a coffin by a rowdy magic creature named Grim, you find yourself about to be enrolled in the prestigious magic training school, Night Raven College. Here is @elfptt as Lilia Vanrouge, one of the most popular characters of this game, with WhereColour Special Red Colored Cat Eye Contacts.


Lilia Vanrouge is a third-year in Diasomnia and Malleus' supervisor. He is a mysterious person who, although having the appearance of a young boy, is rumored to be an ancient being. Lilia is quite playful and teaseful towards everyone, especially the people whom he knows as he often hunged himself upside down and surprise many students.

Despite his rumored age, Lilia has the appearance of a short young boy. He has pale skin and short dark hair with pink streaks that sticks out at the sides. He has large dark red eyes.


To meet such playful and teaseful character, WhereColour Special Red Colored Cat Eye Contacts is the perfect choice for Lilia costume. Less is more, these Halloween contacts with simple but classic design have mild water content and high oxygen transmission help you be the spotlight of the party all day.

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