Energetic and Enigmatic: Elegant Russian Blue Contacts

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Mari Makinami has attracted much attention and became popular once it was released as a new character of the Rebuild of Evangelion. To finish the costume of this optimistic character with a double ponytail, Chiara’s option is WhereColour Elegant Russian Blue Contacts.


Mari is also an Evangelion pilot but she is the only one who admits that she genuinely enjoys piloting, always maintain an optimistic attitude and a relaxed tone, even likes to sing songs while carrying out missions with EVA. The lively and enthusiastic Mari is in sharp contrast with the other EVA pilots, so that her joining makes people feel uncoordinated, but this may be the key: she is the one who breaks through the existing framework, showing that it is not only people with personality disorders can be EVA pilot.


Mari has brunette hair tied into twin-tails with bangs parted to the sides. She wears an indigo headband with a white robotic design and wears burgundy rimmed glasses. She is a very simple person, doing her own way, not the type that will worry about things all day, which Elegant Russian Blue Contacts really fit the cosplay of this character well.


Elegant Russian Blue Contacts with its rich vibrant coloration inspired by the vast icy land of Russia, and the vivid iris-simulating design bring the unexpected freshness to your eyes, elegantly freeze the eternal within your eyes, dreamy like the bright size skyline.

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